Full Name
Hulya Dogan
Job Title
Professor & Interim Department Head
Kansas State University
Speaker Bio
Dr. Hulya Dogan is currently G. M. Ross Endowed Professor in the Department of Grain Science and Industry. Dr. Dogan has been teaching, advising, doing research, and serving in administrative roles at K-State for 16 years. She teaches graduate and undergraduate level courses and conducts research in grain processing and milling, biopolymer science, food rheology, food processing, mathematical modeling and process optimization. Dr. Dogan serves as the Undergraduate Program Chair and the Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator since 2011. She has been leading the development, implementation, review and evaluation of all programmatic efforts concerning grain science majors (BSM, FSM and MSM). She served as the primary liaison to the department on all matters associated with academic programs and represented the department on numerous college committees, and was involved in various mission critical academic tasks.

Dr. Dogan has accepted the position of interim head of theĀ grain science and industry department and interim director of the IGP Institute on July 24, 2022. As interim head, her top priorities are to strengthen relationships with internal and external stakeholders, increase student enrollment and support fundraising efforts for teaching and research infrastructure for the department.
Hulya Dogan